Kai Song, 10 years old

When CITY staff first met Kai Song, he and his two younger siblings didn’t even know how to feed themselves properly. They were also afraid to express themselves. His parents were separated and his mother was not willing to look after them, so the three children lived with their grandparents. Their father is now in prison.

CITY staff and a volunteer reached out to the trio, visiting their home, guiding them in their studies, and spending time with them. The volunteer even took them out regularly on Sundays. They taught the three children social etiquette and behaviour, including table manners and how to be courteous and respectful. They also sought to build up their confidence by engaging them in different activities.

As a result, Kai Song and his siblings are now able to share their thoughts, and express their feelings and doubts. They even thought that CITY staff were close friends of their father, as they could not understand why they were being treated with so much love and care. CITY staff will continue to look out for them when their father is released from prison.

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