L.I.F.E. Stories

love. inspire. fuel. empower.

Read the stories of students who are attending or attended CITY, and find out how they and their families have benefitted from our services and programmes. Names and identifying details have been changed to protect their privacy.

Muda, 9 years old

Muda and his baby sister were living with his mother and her boyfriend until the two adults were imprisoned. His grandmother and uncle were also in prison, all on drug charges. His great-grandmother took over their role as caregiver, but her age prevented her from providing proper care for Muda’s sister. So the 9-year-old was often tasked to look after his baby sister after school, a responsibility that burdened and frustrated him.


Kai Song, 10 years old

When CITY staff first met Kai Song, he and his two younger siblings didn’t even know how to feed themselves properly. They were also afraid to express themselves. His parents were separated and his mother was not willing to look after them, so the three children lived with their grandparents. Their father is now in prison.


Siew May, 12 years old

When Siew May’s parents divorced, she and her elder brother went to live with their mother. But they remained close to their father, and visited him every week. He would give them pocket money, pay their phone bills, and help them out.