CITY uses the Ministry of Education’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) framework as a guide to develop all its programmes. We aim to help students cultivate and develop skills to manage self, relate to others positively and make responsible decisions.

Key domains of social and emotional skills


Befrienders Clubs: Core programmes

We believe that good values form the foundation of a strong and functional moral compass in life. CITY’s Befrienders Clubs aim to instil these values and build character in the young by imparting knowledge and developing skills through workshops, enrichment programmes, experiential and creative learning, and fun activities and excursions.

Enrichment programmes and Workshops

Organised in collaboration with schools as part of their development programme for students, CITY’s enrichment programmes and workshops are based on the Ministry of Education’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) framework.

Our customised programmes and workshops use platforms such as sports, hands-on interaction and experiential learning for students to acquire social and emotional competencies to manage self competently, relate to others positively and make decisions responsibly.

Enrichment programmes

  • Conflict management
  • Anger management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Money management
  • Creative communication
  • Self-care
  • Rock climbing and inline skating
  • Art & drama

Music & Movement Workshop

This 12-hour workshop gives students an opportunity to express themselves creatively through music and movement. Students explore the use of a variety of percussion instruments or items to come up with simple beats and rhythm to create melodies. They learn how to choreograph simple movements to go with the music they have created.

Performance Prose Workshop

Aimed at helping students take their initial steps to become creative writers and confident performers, this 12-hour workshop incorporates elements of theatre, movement and literary. Students pen their thoughts on a theme, and subsequently turn their prose into a short, interactive play.

Career Trails

We encourage students to believe in themselves by helping them discover their interests, passions and talents, and challenging them to dare to dream. Our Career Trails create awareness and expose students to a wide variety of careers by giving them opportunity to ask questions and interact with professionals.

Over the years, students have had the opportunity to meet actors, chefs, journalists, marketing executives, nurses, sports coaches and an underwater videographer. Our Career Trails also organise learning journeys to local companies and organisations, giving students a chance to see for themselves what working life is like.

Career Trails: What’s on

  • Brief talks by professionals
  • Career stations that give students a chance to interact with professionals
  • Question & answer sessions
  • Interactive activities associated with careers

Camps and Excursions

We organise camps and excursions in collaboration with schools as part of our aim to reinforce school values and leadership skills. These activities build and strengthen rapport among students and cultivate values such as teamwork, respect, courtesy, responsibility and commitment in an informal environment outside the classroom.