Siew May, 12 years old

When Siew May’s parents divorced, she and her elder brother went to live with their mother. But they remained close to their father, and visited him every week. He would give them pocket money, pay their phone bills, and help them out. Siew May wanted to move in with him to concentrate on her PSLE exams, as their mother had a boyfriend whom she disliked. She quarrelled with her mother and her brother frequently.

In early 2018, however, their father passed away suddenly. Devastated, the 12-year-old tried to commit suicide.

This raised the attention of the school, and the counsellor requested help from CITY, which supported Siew May financially by giving her pocket money for school. CITY’s staff and volunteers also tried to reach out to Siew May, but she kept to herself and would not open up to anyone. She remained moody most of the time. But a CITY volunteer persisted, spending time with her and bringing her out – and taking her to a movie for the first time in her life. Touched by the volunteer’s love and care, Siew May eventually opened up and shared her feelings and difficulties.

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